Enduro GP 2019

Limited Edition.
Svh 9190€

GASGAS ENDURO GP 250/300, an authentic racing motorcycle

GasGas unveils its new Enduro GP, a motorcycle inspired by the official team’s motorcycles, the ones that have won back the top positions in the World Championship for GasGas. A special edition equipped with high-end racing parts to make it into a real competition enduro from the moment it touches the ground from the production line.
GPs have always been the ideal environment for GasGas to develop its highperformance ranges of products. A long experience in the world of racing that, after a successful season, has materialised in the creation of the new GasGas Enduro GP. A motorbike inspired by the machines ridden by the brand’s official riders that got GasGas back to the top of the Enduro World Championship. A special edition is now available for true 2-stroke lovers with a limited production of 700 units from GasGas in two engine capacities, 250 and 300 c.c.

New features:

  • Rekluse clutch cover and housing, exclusive for the GasGas Enduro GP edition, with increased clutch efficiency and cooling.
  • Cylinder head with compressed combustion chamber, provides more torque to the engine and more precise power delivery for the most demanding riders.
  • Complete exhaust system manufactured by FMF exclusively for the GasGas Enduro GP model.
  • Renthal Fatbar handlebar without central bar and Renthal grips to offer greater grip and comfort for the rider.
  • Machined X-Trig triple clamps, anodized in red, optimized to reduce weight and transmit a greater feeling in the front.
  • Handlebar supports, increased rigidity of the handlebar anchoring system.
  • New setting of specific Kayaba fork for the Enduro GP model, with an anti-friction treatment (DLC coating) in black, which guarantee the rider’s total control in all types of terrain.
  • Front axle puller for quick and easy removal of the front wheel.
  • Front floating brake disc to increase braking performance and feel.
  • New set of Goldspeed rims with machined anodized red hubs and reinforced spokes.
  • Enduro GP seat cover with greater grip and exclusive official team ‘factory racing’ decoration.
  • Exclusive graphics and plastics for the Enduro GP model.
  • Black anodized aluminium rear sprocket.
  • New Regina Z-Ring Lightrunning 520/135 ZSA chain which reduces friction by 40% and maintains the same mechanical properties.
  • Incorporation new Dry / Rain dual ignition map. In “Dry” mode, the new map delivers the maximum torque, while in “Rain” mode it optimizes this delivery to offer better traction in slippery areas that require a precise touch from the enduro rider.